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I have been thinking about how to write
about how I traveled halfway across the country
just for you not to make time for me.
I don't want to talk about it/him. I want to talk about it/him. 
Enter a door.

Enter a young woman into this scene.
She looks nervous.
Her breaths escape in short bursts.
She is half smiling,
but her eyes hold terror.

She knows on the other side of that door,
he waits for her,

as they have waited for each other for months now.

Her hand forms a fist, but she lays it gently on the door.
When she knocks, this will stop being a fantasy.
When he opens the door, this will become real.

She draws in air,
and taps against the door.

A crack of light appears across her frame,
and while the audience cannot see inside,
she can.

A smile lights her face
as she steps forward.
The door closes softly behind her.
A Fantasy Turns Real
We're less than a week now. I am all nerves and all excitement and I have no idea how this is going to go. I need to stop trying to plan what happens when that door opens, but I can't help it. 
My Heart Is Sunflowers by jessicaconk
My Heart Is Sunflowers
I got to mark "stand in the middle of a sunflower field" off my bucket list. There is nothing but happiness there.
Do Not Cross by jessicaconk
Do Not Cross
This car was mad stalking me cause I jumped the fence. I obviously have a camera. Mind your own business.

UGH, small towns. You know what I mean?

I wish you could tag locations on this site.
In the ever-so-me style, I will be leaving in November to go adventure. This year's destination is Kansas, which is random as fuck, I know, especially since last year's was New York City (I want every year to be NYC). I'll be flying out, urbexing, chilling with some of my friends there (and possibly you, if you're also there, reader), then driving back to Maryland. I bought a journal to record the road trip in, and I'll have my cassette tapes for talking to myself, and oh yeah, one working camera lens and possibly a disposable camera.

So what I would ask of you, dear reader, is to possibly do the following:
-let me know if you want postcards
-make me a mixed cd for the trip home since I can't carry my giant cd binder with me on the plane
-tell me of any interesting places I might want to visit

I know it's only August, but I am SYKED. Also, if you want to know the ~real~ reason I chose Kansas this year (I was going to choose Kansas eventually, okay? I swear), I will tell you in a PM. 

And if you're reading this like "how does this effect me?", then my answer for you is "pictures and possibly poems and hopefully not angsty teenage heart poems, real poems, and more pictures."

I'm posting more on here lately than my real blog. I haven't even told LABC about the trip yet. And they're just now finding out about the car (in a poetic fashion, of course). Feel honored.

Also, if you have a twitter and you're not following me, why? I'm hilarious. LittleApBigCity.Do It. 
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