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Welcome to the seventeenth edition of The Recommended Dosage. This is where you will find new art, old art, overpopular art, and just not popular at all art. I don't have a set of standards or guidelines other than the fact that these are in my top favorites and I want to tell the world of dA. I try not to overrun my features with fandom, but I tend to sneak some in from time to time. If you consider yourself worthy of a future issue, please don't hesitate to note me with samples from your gallery or just say, "hey, come take a look at my stuff".

Now onto the featuring!!!

After by zanate-pirata :thumb119193719: Romilda y Julieta"The first time I ever
kissed a woman,"
says Julieta,
glass-eyed and
"I was fifteen years old."
Anna Rubenstein,
her partner of many years,
touches her fingers to
Julieta's hair.
"It was cold
(we were on a bridge
overlooking the bayou)
and I wasn't
wearing a sweater so Romilda
(that was her name, Romilda)
placed her pacholi smelling
jacket around my shoulders.
I felt like I was getting drunk
on her woody scent.  Like I
was drowning..."
Julieta folds her hands and
does not look at Anna.
"And she pulled me close
and I thought I was going
to explode."
"Did you?"
"Yes.  I fell in love with
Romilda Montano after one
The next day I told my sister.
She said
'Julieta Maria Capistran
god thinks that's dirty mija
you know it's just not natural'
that she would try to touch my
and that I musn't let her
because god would be very angry and
I wasn't a marimacha because I was just
going through a phase and
"You didn't listen to her,
did yo
Marshmallow Guys by WhittyKitty :thumb157590551: SkeletonI love to watch your skeleton
As it lives beneath your skin
Your ribcage pushing outwards
While you try to breathe me in.
We can't get much closer
Than the connecting of our hips
And the conversation of our tongues
Behind connected lips.
I'm content with lying
In the corners of your arms
Until the world dissolves us
And our souls take to the stars.
Marina by BubbleguN-oo shoot drugs and fall in lovehe bit my bottom lip as our kiss diminished and whispered, "there's something somewhat damaged about you."
he could feel it
i knew he could
but instead of words rolling off of my tongue and tears spilling over
i kissed him
and kissed him
and stroked him
and unbuttoned ...
and he ...
and i ...
.. and
we laid on my mattress tangled up in each other
with our eyes glazed over and our chests heaving
(i'm so
high on you
i fucking can't get down)
but you did
if i went to rehab i wouldn't tell tales of water bongs and drinking games.
it'd be about how you would make patterns across my jawline and down my neck.
of how you smelled better than cannabis, and left a stronger after taste than rum.
if i went to rehab they would all be talking about the way they yearn to inhale chemicals down their throats and feel the warmth of the lighter on their cheeks.
i would dream of your fingers filling the spaces and have your voice whisper sweet lullabies like the way you used to tell me i made th
Glass Galleons Anchored by To-fu s t a r s by stardixa Prayer for Souls by Radittz Paint my love by ZoeWieZo CURVE: Deedlit by Achiru-et-al Blue_Spirit_Zuko by Unodu green is goldI remember when she was a bird.
They gave her a room under the earth, and all year round she sat between the walls and the ceiling and the floor and struck her flint fingers together, burning cinnamon sticks to stifle the dying leaf smell of her.
One day another girl with fire in her long wheat-blonde hair walked in through a new door and said "I am the last days of summer" and she reached for the girl's hand but the girl couldn't hold on.  She said "you are not strong enough" and the summer-girl walked out of the room.  The next day she was back, and held on, and let go.  This time she left at the girl's feet feathers filled with ink and paint made of berries and lead.
Because there wasn't canvas the girl took the paint in her hands and smeared it on her chin and neck and arms, her nerves smouldering at the toxin's touch.  Once her skin was bright and golden and her hair the thick colour of liquorice, she took the inky feather in her hand and wr
Running away from blue by Hellobaby

Mature Content

Pepper Ero II by Artgerm
Labyrinth: the devil in love by lily-fox Dos Reinos by Jumpix le Parole aspettan.. by Pensieri Red Velvet by Sea-of-Ice Rain Down by eKBS Destination Unknown by Gosia Pasta hotline by sharadhaksar Fathering. by adeux Calendar - february by bymano Alice by doubleleaf And Now ? by SHA-1 baobei by intoyourheart Eric True Blood 1 by Mizidora HU A by kinly Time's running out by LietingaDiena insatiable.Insatiable will never mean insatiable again. This is how
I know I've been in love: I am losing
the words to describe it. Insatiable was a word
the heat of your body begged from my hands. Describe
the feeling of being lost in you: insatiable, and every
syllable tastes of sweat, the shape
of every vowel sounds like breathing. Three months later
and I still remember. The night
was so heavy and long and the air
so full of wanting.
Inception portraits 2 by BlackFeatherz29 Unwanted Choice by mibou Newton's cradle -- 6 by zakarranda Black Queen - Alice Wonderland by kirawinter Alice by tomape From My'Own Eyez by weezyyfcrazyy Trust Me. Please. by TheBoyofCheese .:Fox and Rose:Tattoo Design:. by WhiteSpiritWolf :thumb173064438:

Mature Content

8530 by aleksandra88
Something doesn't belong here by BrokenTeapot :: Cool water :: by Liek Livestream Sketch Dump 5 by YoukaiYume ravishi.
these are the secrets we keep pressed against the skin of
your thighs and the confessions we dare not release past the
even rhythm of our pulses; this is everything our tongues keep
to themselves beyond the angles of lopsided secret smiles
these are the badges of honor we keep tucked on the insides
of our collars and in the rolls of our sleeves; this is the faintest
touch of my teeth leaving their mark on your clavicle and
the excuses we make when our distinctions are discovered
these are the memories we whisper to ourselves in stairwells
and private moments during the car ride home; this is you
closing your eyes and feeling the sensation of something greater
than friction building deep inside the spaces between your ribs
these are the movements our bodies have orchestrated and
rehearsed one thousand times with our eyes closed until we may
perform them with eyes wide open; this is resisting the arch
of your back against the most innocent of touches on your neck
A secret by Ashitaro
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